If you treasure memories of Christmas as a kid, relive them with the new classic, “Kid Again at Christmas”    by Tom Hipps…

…right now you can download that song and two others, “Silent Night” and “Holly Jolly Christmas” for FREE!

Listen to what others are saying about Tom Hipps:

Tom Hipps is “an extraordinary musician who does very fine work.”
-Dan Cole, “The Common Man” 100.3 KFAN-FM
“I was pleasantly surprised, drawn in by the melody and mysterious lyrics… evidence of a songwriter putting some effort into his craft.”
-Tim Kennedy, The MinnyApple
“Tom Hipps has released a great album… a real gem.”
-Pete Waggoner, Patriot Radio


Billboard Achievement Award-winning artist TOM HIPPS was first featured on Target Corporation’s holiday release Praise & Worship Christmas (32,000 units sold) and since then has released several singles and six albums of his own: Everybody & Their Brother (2002); Then Went the Demons (2006); 211 Degrees (2013, with From Ordinary); Christmas Peace (2015); The Road So Far (a 2016 best-of collection celebrating 20 years in the recording industry); and his latest and most adventurous yet, Spiritfruit (2019).
Tom’s spirit-fueled tunes have enjoyed airplay on radio stations throughout the US and around the globe, and he’s performed his melodious, dream-inspiring, folk/pop in thousands of shows all over the US and Canada throughout his impressive career in the music business.
“My greatest joy in life,” Tom says, “is sharing my musical gifts with others; making them feel happy for a while, blessing them. The fact that I can do that for a living is icing on the cake.”
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