WAIT! You’re Not Done…

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Thank you SO MUCH for ordering my best-of collection, The Road So Far. It represents my life’s work, and I’m confident you’ll really enjoy your new album. But may I tell you something?

The toughest part of assembling the Road So Far album was choosing which songs to include! Ultimately, due to space restrictions, some really good material had to be left out. Well, to “solve” that dilemma, I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently put together a BONUS album entitled The Rest of the Road. This is a full-length album (11 songs) that includes cuts from my albums not included on The Road So Far, and also never-before-released acoustic versions of three of the tracks that did make the cut. And then there’s my Holiday album, Christmas Peace… I decided that since it was a seasonal album, those songs didn’t really fit the bill for the ‘Road’ collections. But they are an important part of my catalog as well.

So here’s a proposal for you…

As a thank-you for purchasing The Road So Far, I’m going to offer you a chance to basically complete your Tom Hipps back catalog collection in a fantastic one-time offer: Right now, for an additional $6.95, you can receive both The Rest of the Road -AND- Christmas Peace! That’s a $14.95 value for just $6.95! But only right here, right now at this special price.



No thanks–I’d like to pass on this special bonus offer and proceed with getting my Road So Far download link.